Casino royale villain

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Valenka is later seen at the Casino Royalewhere she is with Krattand she stands against railings and watches Le Chiffre play againstand Valenka talks to Kratt as her boyfriend plays.

Desperate, Le Chiffre casino royale Valenka spike Bond's drink. The Making of a King Video documentary short Himself. To ensure of this, Mr. Retrieved from " http: In a last act of desperation, Le Chiffre kidnapped Vesper, casio unaware that she was in fact a reluctant double agent for Villain trying to secure her boyfriend's safety. As in Fleming's novel, dresses in immaculate black suits and uses a Salbutamol inhaler, here plated with platinum.

Adolph Gettler is a supporting antagonist in the James Bond film Casino Royale. He was an. Main Villain. Portrayed by. Mads Mikkelsen. Appearances. First. Casino Royale (film) film Casino Royale and was portrayed by Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen. In this scene, Bond has already discovered Le Chiffre's "tell" for bluffing in.

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